Supreme Cores of the Carolinas, Inc.
Supreme Cores Alabama, Inc.

Supreme Cores Cold Box ExampleSupreme Cores of the Carolinas, Inc. and Supreme Cores Alabama, Inc. offer a full range of processes and services to accommodate the needs of our customers. We offer shell, no bake and core assembly at both facilities. The cold box process and core washing are offered at our South Carolina facility. Each facility keeps a variety of sands in stock to meet customer specifications. These sands consist of different Grain Fineness Numbers, as well as an extensive selection of resin levels. We also have the ability to include additives to your sand mix to limit casting defects.

We work very hard to make sure anything a foundry may need for its cores is offered by Our Company. Should you have a special need, don’t hesitate to ask if we can help you. There is a very good possibility we are able to accommodate any need you have.