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Why Outsource Core Work?

The main focus of foundries is making high quality metal castings.

Outsourcing your cores provides numerous advantages for your company.

  • Our price is all-inclusive. No more adding up all the numbers and figuring out freight. We include freight in the final price.
  • The burden of staffing issues is not yours. You can utilize your employees to make castings.
  • Your capital can be used for other foundry needs, not necessary for core making.
  • We have the availability of alternate core-making methods to eliminate casting difficulties. If our process or sand is not working for you, we have other processes or sands that will.
  • You will not have to worry about excessive core scrap costs, commonly encountered with starting up a new job.
  • You can increase your floor space for molding or storage by eliminating space for core making.
  • You will no longer need to pass on bidding for jobs that require cores, allowing for more flexibility with your customers.
  • You will eliminate the headaches of core machine updates, repair, and maintenance.