Supreme Cores of the Carolinas, Inc.
Supreme Cores Alabama, Inc.

Group of Foundry Cores Supreme Cores of the Carolinas, Inc. was started in Lancaster, South Carolina, in August 1998 by Christopher Grossmann, along with his wife Danielle and the help of Warren Grossmann. Enduring the heat and humidity of summer in the south, and many long nights spent on the road by Christopher, they built the company’s customer base from one to thirty plus customers. They faced many adversities and sometimes even failures along the way, but they always walked away with the understanding of why the failures occurred and the assurance that they would not be repeated.

As Supreme Cores of the Carolinas, Inc. thrived, Christopher Grossmann longed to expand and grow into other market territories. He separated himself from the Milwaukee Company, Supreme Cores, Inc., in August 2009 and explored options in Alabama.

Supreme Cores Alabama, Inc. was founded in November 2009 to meet the demand of increasing sales in Alabama and the surrounding region. Despite a short timeline, they moved machinery into the Alabaster, Alabama location in March 2010 and began producing cores in May 2010.

Incorporating a wide variety of services including shell, no bake, cold box, core coating, and additives was especially vital to increasing the customer base. The two companies provide cores to customers spanning the entire southeast region. These customers produce an array of different products, from water spigots to wheel hubs to differential housings for semi trucks and anything in between.

Through it all, Supreme Cores of the Carolinas, Inc. and Supreme Cores Alabama, Inc. have maintained an excellent reputation. The success of these two companies is attributed to our customer service and “attention to detail” attitude that are embedded into the ownership team and employees. In these companies, there can never be a “number one” priority because quality, customer service, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing all run hand in hand.